School Board

Dudley Park Primary School operates a School Board who meet each term or as required. The membership of the board consists of the parents of students at the school, other members of the general community, the staff of the school and the school Principal.

The main functions of the School Board are to take part in:

a)      establishing, and reviewing from time to time the schools objectives, priorities and general policy directions;

b)      planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund these objectives, priorities and directions;

c)      evaluating the schools performance in achieving them; and

d)      promoting the school to the community


Current Board Members: –

Staff: Christine Prandl, Fraser Smithson, Alicia Jeffries.

Parent members:  Kirsty Wilson (Chair person), Candice Pitcher, Cheryldene Carlson, Tammy Greenwood, Raymon Mabbs and Robyn du Bois.
Community members: David Templeman MLA.