Homework can be an integral part of student learning. As an activity it helps develop study and research skills. Homework should be structured and purposeful; to fit a time frame, so children can relax, play and participate in other family commitments.

The aims of homework are to:

¨       read widely and on a regular basis,

¨       practice a skill that has already been introduced at school,

¨       reinforce that which is already known,

¨       enable completion of unfinished class work.

Homework should be meaningful and serve a need not creating a stressful situation for the student or family.

Homework activities may include:

¨       nominated oral reading,

¨       relaxation reading,

¨       a set activity to consolidate a skill introduced at school,

¨       completion of work,

¨       information and material collection.

For more information on this please speak to your child’s class teacher.