Good Standing

At Dudley Park Primary School we believe learning is enhanced in a welcoming, inclusive, collaborative and caring environment. The Good Standing Policy supports this belief by acknowledging and rewarding exemplary behaviour, attendance and work ethic.  It also emphasises  the importance of taking responsibility for negative choices students may make which ultimately affects their learning and the learning of others. This policy works in conjunction with the whole school Behaviour Management Plan.

The Good Standing Policy is a clear process which shows a hierarchical set of responses for consistently positive or negative behaviours.  The various statuses of students are based on data SIS which can be shown to the students for verification.  Students should have no confusion about what is expected of them in terms of maintaining their Good Standing and the rewards or consequences of gaining Advance Standing or losing their Good Standing.


  • The schools Behaviour Management prevails the good standing policy.
  • Classroom teachers manage student behaviour and enter records of behaviour (in class and during break times) on SIS- including Good/Advanced Standing.
  • Teachers will record the status of the students and provide information to admin on student’s attendance and behaviour.
  • The Deputy Principal will make contact with the parents or guardians informing them of their child’s loss of Good Standing status.
  • Students who receive a withdrawal, suspension or 2 detentions will immediately lose Good Standing.
  • Students who have 3 negative behaviour records in a two weeks period should ve referred to Admin to have their Good Standing reviewed or removed.
  • The Principal will authorise the removal of Good Standing and the award of Advanced Standing.
  • Students must demonstrate satisfactory behaviour on a daily progress report for 5-10 days before Admin will re-instate Good Standing.
  • Teachers will review a student who is not successfully achieving their re-instatement to Good Standing and discuss further options wiht the Deputy Principal.
  • Students without Good Standing will not be permitted to attend any extra curricular school activities including but not limited to excursions, incursions, camps, dinners, discos, carnivals or represent the school in any activities.
  • Students without Good Standing will be required to complete daily progress reports (purple sheet) until Good Standing is re-instated.
  • Advanced Standing indicator – Students who receive two Good Standing awards in a two week period without any negative behaviour records in the same two weeks may be recommended for Advanced Standing.

The Good Standing Policy 2008 is an extension and articulation of the current Behaviour Management Policy with the significant differences being the clarifications for students of what is expected of them, the completion of report cards to regain good standing, the additional introduction of advanced standing status and the monitoring of student status by teachers during class time. The Good Standing Policy supports the students and promotes our school ethos and is intended to further encourage the students to strive fro improved behaviour and enhanced educational outcomes.