Food/Crunch & Sip

Crunch & Sip

Each morning our children are encouraged to participate in a healthy eating strategy called Crunch & Sip.  Crunch & Sip is a set break time for students to eat fruit or vegetables brought from home and rehydrate with water. This gives students the chance to re-fuel, assisting physical and mental performance in the classroom. While primary school aged children in WA are doing a great job of eating enough fruit, only 1 in 6 are getting enough vegetables! So why not pack some fresh vegetables for Crunch & Sip today such as carrot, celery, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes or cucumber.

School Lunches

The P&C Canteen is able to supply school lunches to staff and students. Students, staff and parents within the school community designed a healthy lunch menu. Only items on the schools healthy lunch menu will be supplied through the school lunch order system. Children are required to submit a lunch bag (paper) with the correct money in it at the Canteen before school.  Lunches are delivered to the classes at lunchtime. A healthy lunch menu is supplied to each family at the beginning of the school year. For more information on this please click on the link below.

The canteen is open Monday to Friday – 8.15am to 2.00pm. To view the canteen menu, please click on the below link.

Canteen Menu Term 2 and 3 2020


Children eat their lunch in their classroom under the supervision of a teacher. Parents who supply their child with lunch from home should ensure that these lunches are self-contained and require little preparation.

As we have several students with severe allergies, we have a nut free policy and do not supply any nut related products.

Allergy Alerts

Our school has several children enrolled who have a severe allergic reaction to nuts and products containing traces of nuts. In some allergic reaction circumstances the outcome of coming into contact with nuts or such products could be fatal.

As a result of this parents are requested not to provide their children with nut products at school. The most common of these is peanut butter or Nutella sandwich spreads.  Please be aware, some snack bars also contain nuts.

In our school we try where possible to provide the safest learning environment for all of our children. At times to provide this environment we need the cooperation of the entire community. There may come a time when your child or family also needs this type of cooperation and we will endeavor to provide it. Our school P&C Association fully endorse such requests.