Fees & Charges

The amount of voluntary contributions parents and carers are being asked to pay has been set at $50.00 per student in 2021 (traditionally called ‘School Fees’)
While contributions are voluntary the quality of our teaching and learning program will be maximised when each family makes its contribution to the cost of supplementing funding gained from other sources, including State and Commonwealth Governments.
All contributions collected go directly towards enhancing your child’s education program and assist us in providing the best learning experience at Dudley Park Primary School.
Money collected is necessary to supplement school expenditure in the areas listed below.
 Photocopying Supplementary
 Classroom Activities
 Library Book Supplementary
 Health and P.E. Resource Materials
 Mathematics Resource Materials
 Science Resource Materials
 English Resource Materials
 The Arts Resource Materials
 Technology & Enterprise Resource Materials
 Society & Environment
 Indonesian

Total cost of voluntary contributions: $50.00 per student

Charges apply to extra, optional components of educational programs provided in Kindergarten to Year 6. Extra cost options are specific activities, services or facilities that schools offer for students to use or take part in. Students will only incur costs when they are involved in a particular activity the associated charge must be paid. Students who do not participate will be provided with an appropriate educational activity.
A breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in incursions/ excursions and activities for 2021 is set out in the schedule below. The amounts indicated on the schedule represent a maximum charge. The actual charge may be less and we may not hold all of these activities.
The charges schedule includes costs associated with:
 Specific voluntary learning activities available to all students, but conditional on a payment being made. E.g. Incursions, excursions, in-term swimming etc.
 Specific voluntary learning activities available to selected students, but conditional on payment being made. E.g. Choir etc.

Incursions/ Excursions
Kindy – $60
PP – $60
Yr1 – $60
Yr2 – $60
Yr3 – $60
Yr4 – $60
Yr5 – $60
Yr6 – $60
Interschool Sports Carnivals
Yr3 – $20
Yr4 – $20
Yr5 – $20
Yr6 – $20
Graduation Activities
Yr6 – $100
Graduation Shirt
Yr6 – $40
Yr3 – $30
Yr4 – $30
Yr5 – $30
Yr6 – $30
Yr6 – $500
PEAC (selected students only)
Yr5 – $300
Yr6 – $300
School Photos
(Up to a max $100 – price will vary depending on package ordered)
Kindy – $100
PP – $100
Yr1 – $100
Yr2 – $100
Yr3 – $100
Yr4 – $100
Yr5 – $100
Yr6 – $100
In Term Swimming
PP – $40
Yr1 – $40
Yr2 – $40
Yr3 – $40
Yr4 – $40
Yr5 – $40
Yr6 – $40

Students who belong to the Choir may be required to supply a Choir Uniform – School Choir polo shirt, skirt or pants.

The recommended list of materials for your child next year is found under the ‘Personal Items Lists’ tab..