Dropping off and collecting students

Parent parking is located on Gillark Street.  The Parking area inside the school gate on Gillark Street can be used as a drop off and pick up area. Parents who need to remain at the school for a longer period of time should use the parking bays provided on each street. Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-primary children are required to collect their child directly from the classroom. Parents are requested not to use the staff car park.

The staff car park is “out of bounds” to all students.


Students are welcome to ride their bicycles and/or scooters to and from school. Bicycle/scooter parking is provided with the boundaries of the school. All bikes/scooters should be secured with a lock and chain. Cyclists are required to wear safety helmets. The school cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of any possessions. Bicycles/scooters are not to be ridden on school grounds.