P&C News/Events

The P&C would like to welcome everyone to the new year. We have lots of exciting things happening this year and we would like to invite all new and previous members to join us on this wonderful journey.

Online Ordering!
Online ordering is now available for Canteen orders and Uniform orders through www.quickcliq.com.au
Please collect a pamphlet provided at the front office for more information.

New Canteen Supervisor!
We also have a new Canteen Supervisor. Her name is Kylie Standish. She has been in Mandurah for 22 years. She owned her own lunch bar for 13 years and was an Early Childhood teacher for 18 years before that. She has just brought out an exciting new summer menu with many new items, specials and some old favourites so make sure you come to the canteen to check out the new menu or have a look at one of the many pinned up around the school (see the back page of this newsletter). She is looking forward to meeting the students, parents and teachers of Dudley Park Primary School.

Fundraising Recruitment

The P&C are looking for family and friends of Dudley Park PS that can help out at events we are organising through out the year.

Do you have a spare Morning, Day, Afternoon, Hour? If that’s a YES, then we would love your help.

It’s as easy as filling out a P&C Fundraising Crew Form. We will contact you when we need your help. Cant help at a certain event, no problem. Only got a few hours, we’ll take them!

To find out more contact Kelly or Maria at dudleyparkpc@gmail.com