KindiLink is a play-and-learn initiative for three year old children who attend with a parent/carer at 37 selected schools, Dudley Park Primary School being one of them.

This class operates on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and provides six hours a week of high quality play-and-learn sessions for children and their parent/carer at no cost to families, with families supported to be actively involved in the activities with their children.

KindiLink focuses on developing the social, emotional, language and cognitive capabilities of children.  It aims to support children’s development in the year before they start Kindergarten.  The teachers and assistants who plan and deliver the sessions work alongside families to help them prepare their own children for successful transition to school.

The target group for KindiLink is children in the year prior to them being eligible to attend Kindergarten (i.e: ‘three year olds’).  Where capacity exists, younger siblings may also attend.  Children and families from outside the school’s catchment area are welcome to participate also.

Each sessions is planned and facilitated by an early childhood teacher and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer who work alongside families.  Activities are based on the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework with a range of freely chosen and developmentally appropriate hands-on experiences available.

For more information or if you would like to attend please call the school on 9535 9533.

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