Internet Policy

The Internet is an exciting and powerful tool for students to research information for both academic assignments as well as their own personal interests. As part of our curriculum, pupils have controlled access to the Internet and other computer communication facilities. They learn how to use libraries, databases and information sources on a wide variety of topics.

We recognise that some inappropriate material on the Internet may be accessed intentionally or by accident, even though the school has Internet filtering in place. We teach students the importance of responsible use of the web and Email as well as providing basic rules to maintain the privacy of students.

At all times, pupils must agree to follow the Student Code of Conduct for Internet Use.

To enable your son/daughter permission to use the Internet please read and discuss the Student Code of Conduct for Internet Use and return the permission slip enclosed in your enrolment pack to the front office.

Please find a copy of the form below.

Online Services Agreement K-2

Online Services Agreement 3-6