Enrolment Applications

In keeping with Department of Education & Training policy, the school’s enrolment policy is non-discriminatory. Admissions are subject to approval by the Principal. Special needs that a child may have must be declared at the time of completing the application for enrolment form.

We like to ensure a smooth start for new students who arrive at Dudley Park Primary School and as such new students and their parents or carers are required to meet with the Principal or Deputy Principal prior to enrolment. This allows the school to obtain a better understanding of the child’s educational and social background and offers the parent an opportunity to meet with our staff and inform the school of any special needs or concerns that the child may have.  Parents are also encouraged at this time to peruse the school’s behaviour management plan/policy.  New students will be allocated to a class and the teacher notified for commencement the following day at the earliest.

To provide the best start for these students, teachers need to be aware of the arrival of a new student a day in advance. This will allow them time to prepare the physical space and an appropriate social and emotional welcome.

All students are required to wear school uniform and this should be organised prior to the student attending. Students will assimilate into the DudleyPark Primary School culture easily when they are wearing school uniform on their first day rather than “standing out” and appearing different to the other students.

Parents must apply to enrol their child at the school.  Application forms are available from administration or from the below link. Completed Applications for Enrolment can be either handed into the office or emailed to Dudleypark.ps@education.wa.edu.au. Please also provide the child’s birth ceritifcate, immunisation history and proof of address (this must be a utility bill e.g. Gas, electricity, water or a lease agreement. Note: Phone accounts/ drivers licence not accepted)  If your child was not born in Australia please also provide the child’s passport and visa.

Once an application for enrolment form has been accepted, you must come into administration to complete the second part of the enrolment process.

To download the Application for Enrolment for Kindergarten to Year 6, please click on the below link.

Application for Enrolment Form