About Dudley Park Primary School

Dudley Park Primary School was established in 1976 on the site on which it is currently located. In 2019, approximately 470 students will be enrolled in the school from K – 6.

Dudley Park Primary School is structured in a ‘cluster’ design. The three seven-room buildings are utilised by class teachers and specialists. In 2019 all of the rooms have been allocated as general teaching/learning areas. The school also boasts a large library/resource centre and large undercover area with a specialist sports surface. There are three sports courts, one soccer pitch, one football oval, cricket nets and volleyball area

In addition to this many of our students also participate in a specialist Physical Education program,  specialist Performing Arts program and Indonesian language programs. Aboriginal education is also a core entity of our Society and Environment curriculum. To complement this we have ‘Koolbardi Kwornt’ which is the hub of our Aboriginal Education resources and is also home to our breakfast club, Aboriginal Education Officer and School Chaplain.

In order to ‘make a difference in the lives of our students’, we propose to develop each child’s social, physical, creative and academic potential so that they are self-disciplined, independent and contributing members of society.

The school seeks to provide an educational program that caters for a broad spectrum of abilities, needs and interests of students and to have strong links with parents and the community.

Students attending the school come from the immediate area surrounding the school. There is a mix of children from various cultures and backgrounds.


Early Childhood Education Our ECE centre has an expansive playground. It features up-to-date resources and programs, carefully selected to maximize learning opportunities. Our professional ECE team is able to capitalise on this generous space to encourage interaction between children. The focus of this interaction changes frequently in response to the developmental learning program provided by qualified early childhood staff.

Pre-primary and Kindergarten A full time five-year-old (Pre-primary) program is available on site, as well as a four-year-old (Kindergarten) program.

Primary Students study the full range of subjects appropriate to their ability level. Our current focus is on Literacy, Numeracy and Students at Educational Risk. Our specialist programs are delivered by qualified and experienced specialist teachers in Physical Education,  Performing Arts and Indonesian Language. Students spend some time each week receiving these programs and enjoy the use of up-to-date equipment and teaching/learning practices in these areas.

Each classroom has fully equipped computer facilities and all classes are networked together to provide access to the Internet. A substantial covered assembly area provides a meeting venue for school assemblies and conduct of a range of extra curricula activities including visiting performers and exhibitions.

A well-resourced and automated library is a focal point of the school. Students requiring access to an educational support program are also catered for at Dudley Park. Eduction support students are integrated into the classrooms and are provided with an educational assistant and individual education programs where eligible.

Enrolment In keeping with Department of Education & Training policy, the school’s enrolment policy is non-discriminatory. Admission is subject to approval by the Principal. Special needs that a child may have must be declared at the time of completing the application for enrolment form.

Parents At Dudley Park Primary School parents and caregivers are recognised as important contributors to their child’s social, cultural, moral and intellectual development. We see our relationship with parents and caregivers as being part of a team, endeavouring to achieve common goals. Parents play an important part in the life of the school: * Helping with the implementation of a range of in class programs * Assisting with extra curricular activities * Participating in the decision making process via an active P&C and School Board * Supporting the ongoing development of the school resources and facilities via the P&C * Attending parent information sessions and meetings


Teaching Dudley Park Primary School has an approximate establishment of 26 teaching and 24 support staff. The school has a range of experience levels amongst the staff from recent graduates to many years experience. Currently there is a mix of fixed term teachers with end dated contracts and permanent staff.

The school has two Deputy Principals who have a significant role in the daily management of staff and student well-being and also facilitate operational and leadership roles within the school.

The Principal of the school facilitates the development of the school plan through participative decision-making and is responsible for developing policies and establishing and maintaining systems. The Principal is accountable to the District Director for the effective operation of the school and for demonstrating that the school is operating according to departmental policy.

Special Initiatives

In-term Swimming

Specialist Physical Education Program

Specialist Indonesian language (LOTE) Program

Specialist Performing Arts Program

Community Development Foundation MOASH Project.